Drive up average tickets

Spend absolutely none
of your own money

We started using Restaurant Host Partners in our very first store in New Port Richey. Since then, our chain has expanded to include nine locations in three different counties and Restaurant Host Partners has been with us every step of the way. They have contributed to the success of our stores enough that they are now a vital and compelling part of our business package for all new franchise locations.”

– Owner, Bryan N.

Breakfast Station, Multiple Locations


  • Fill more seats?
  • Sell more menu items?
  • Reduce marketing costs?
  • Increase revenue & profit?

YES - our service is free for you as a restaurant operator... however, the real benefit comes from the positive impact our digital services provide by filling more seats and raising your average tickets, without increasing your expenses.

We will install vibrant state-of-the-art indoor billboards programmed to stream compelling custom ads to your guests.


The custom digital ads promote focused menu items and use attractive offers to compel guests to visit you on slow days or during special events.


Our professional in-house designers will be at your disposal to quickly create amazing, memorable ads for your use whenever you need them.

Will your restaurant be next to experience increased sales and profits with our game changing marketing system?

We sold 8 cases of fried green tomatoes the very first day the ad was up on the screens and now we always sell out!

- Owner, Teonta T.

Nana's Diner

We continuously sell out of spanakopita ever since you installed the ad many months ago. We solely attribute the increased sales to the ad running on monitors.

- Manager, Spirit

Pizza Villa

digital screen ads
increase restaurant sales
increase restaurant sales
increase restaurant sales
increase restaurant sales

Within the first few days after the screens were installed we received more inquiries to our Customer Loyalty Program than we received the previous 4 months using trained staff, table tents and wall posters.

– Owner, Todd N.

Brooks Gourmet Burgers